Developed with Marcos Schneider, Daniel Gest and Harcourt Allen

The prompt we were given was to create a tool for activism or something that would help activists.
Instead of trying to be the be-all application for all activists or causes, we decided it would be best to focus on a specific cause and a specific feature that would help that cause.
Among the many ideas we had we settled on one that was inspired by the work Marcos' mother does for Hispanic immigrants especially at hospitals and an episode of This Week Tonight with Jon Oliver that covered the lack of legal due process for refugees who did not speak English. 
We settled on a tool that could connect those who do not speak English and do not have access to someone who does to bilingual or multilingual volunteers, especially for medical or legal emergencies. The app would also provide a map of resources, community centers or safe havens for these immigrants.
Our demo was awarded 1st place in the competition. 
Nearly half a year later, I built further on the idea for a mobile web development project that involved building a demo prototype for a web-application for two audiences. Check out what I built here.
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