Our product is the property The Host HQ. Its goal is to serve vacation-rental hosts (like those on Airbnb) with the localized industry and policy information they need to be successful.
The product includes the website where articles that are driven by a content strategy that addresses hosts' needs, a weekly newsletter that delivers these articles and more content and a listings resource for connecting hosts with third-party service providers that adjacent to the growing vacation-rental industry.
My primary role was the design lead of the team. Our logo, branding, graphics and visuals were all edited, selected, curated or created by me. As a part of the product development sub-team I was also involved in the user research and ideation process. I managed the content on our website and the behind-the-scenes team blog on medium. I also designed our newsletters and Facebook campaigns. 
Below is our "pitch deck" which outlines the very basics of our idea.
Below, you can find a more detailed presentation that shares the insights we gained from the project as a whole and the reasoning behind our decisions. A furthermore detailed version can be found in our report.
As a team, we also detailed our process and updates on our developments on a Medium blog.
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